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5 Things a Perfect Father has. Only God is that Father.

How Do I become a Christian?

The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25

How Do I become a Christian?

The Transfiguration Luke 9:28

How Do I become a Christian?

Peter's confession of the Messiah. Luke 9 18-27

How Do I become a Christian?

When you need is greater than your resources. Luke 9 1:17

How Do I become a Christian?

All three Gospels record this encounter.

How Do I become a Christian?

Jesus loves you more than you can imagine. Satan does not want you to hear this story in Luke. If its similar to this story or an addiction. Jesus came to set the captives free.

How Do I become a Christian?

Have you ever wondered why some people respond to God's Word immediately and enthusiastically, while others resist and rebel against it? Jesus answers that question in the first of many parables he told.

Luke 8:4-15 & Luke 9:9-18

I. Understanding Parables

  1. Definition of "Parables": An earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Characteristics of Parables
  • Parables teach only _________.
  • Parables must be understood in terms of _________.
  • Parables are meant to both ________ and _________ God's truth
  • Parables must be read in _________.

II. The context of Luke 8 - "the Kingdom of God"

III. The Parable of the soils. (Luke 8:4-8)

  1. The ______Soil (v. 5)
  2. The _______Soil (v. 6)
  3. The ________Soil (v. 7)
  4. The _________Soil (v.8)

IV. The meaning of the Parable (Luke 9:9-18)

The conditions of the human heart. (return to Luke 8:12-15)

  1. The ________ heart (v.12)
  2. The ________ heart (v.13)
  3. The ________ heart (v.14)
  4. The ________ heart (v.15)

How Do I become a Christian?


Sometime in the coming year you are going to face what seems to be an insurmountable challenge. Today's familiar story reveals four significant insights for surviving life's storms.

 Luke 8:22-25

  1. Truths to remember when S________ come.
  • Storms are N________, expect them.
  • God is A________ of our storm, C_______ on Him.
  • Storms are O_______ for G_________, welcome them. Luke22:31 & James 1:2-4
  • God will D_______ us though the storm, T_________ in Him. Isaiah 43:2 & Hebrews 6:18-20

How Do I become a Christian?

Is it a sin to doubt God's goodness or even His existence?  Today we are going to examine ways to deal with doubt in our lives.

Luke 7:18-35

 I. Luke 7:18-21John's question concerning Jesus' identity

  1. Sources of doubt
  • Unlived ________
  • Unexamined _____
  • Unanswered ______
  • Undeserved ______

II. Jesus' response to John's doubt Luke 7:22-35

  1. To _____ Luke 7:22-23
  2. To the _____ Luke 7:24-29
  3. To the ______ Luke 7:30-35

III. Dealing with doubt

  1. Discern the ________ of your doubt
  2. S______ your doubts with a mature Christian
  3. View your doubt as a opportunity to _______
  • Turn your doubts into _________
  • Turn questions to __________
  • Turn your prayers to ________

      4. Remember that our doubts never ________ God's Love

How do I become a Christian?