Music Minister

  • We are a congregation of Bible believing Christians on the Southeast side of Wichita who believe that shared worship is an vital part of our Christian experience and are seeking someone of similar beliefs  to encourage and lead us in worship:
  • Worship calls us to honesty.

  • Worship draws us closer to God.

  • Worship draws us closer to each other.

  • Worship calls us to action.

Position:  Worship Leader – paid staff

Commitment:  15 – 20 hours per week

Qualifications:  Mature Christian willing to follow the Holy Spirit

Abilities:  background in music, music education a plus

Personality:  outgoing, energetic

As our worship leader you will be asked to:

  • Work with the pastor and others to plan worship services under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

  • Work with band members in preparation for Sunday services.

  • Lead worship services on Sunday mornings and occasionally at additional meetings.

  • Pray for, encourage and minister to church body

  • Meet with the other staff members once a week

  • Help develop future leaders in the area of worship ministry

If you are interested please contact us in one of the following ways:

Email:                Phone:  316-682-6006


Thanks, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Dennis Burns
Worship Search Team
Ed Denton
Rebecca Harmon
Fred Ihrig
Kandy Page
Greg Urmey